++ other side ++ What desire Am it being turned by me? Be uneasy and in uneasiness Still, Only in my believing The answer Deriving It is not possible to do. I wanted to confirm it. Whose mind also Solution under the skin Still, The road is only in the belief. Space of cloud Only the light inserted a little The answer really wanting it It is likely to teach.

it is unbalanceu

++ ゆっくり ++
絶望と思った瞬間 人との優しさに触れ
切羽詰った状況で 人の裏表を垣間見た
なるようになる 頑張らない
なるようになる それしか出来ないから
失くした物は大きいけど 失ったのは形ある物
悔やんで元に戻るなら 幾等でも悔やむけど
今は それすら 煩わしくて
笑って過ごす そんな当たり前な日常を願い
今はゆっくりと 今はゆっくりと
今はゆっくりと ゆっくりと


       (by すみみん)

++ cherry blossoms ++

A beautiful appearance is glittering momentarily. Ka will connect the scattering truth before long. Appearance that greets these eyes of me Appearance that has been seen up to now Not the current noticing either I think coming into view dimly. This place visited again Thing that had been seen up to now It has not seen it up to now. Faintly, it comes that they are some solutions. Scenery looked at at what time The petal of cherry blossoms stops on your head. The appearance to scatter and to go It is sad somewhere. It is easy why. To your way

It's unbalanceu

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